Changes during Covid

With the challenges our families have faced during the pandemic we have ensured that we have kept in regular contact with them, constantly seeking feedback so that we could adjust our services to fulfil their needs. This has included:

Testimonial from Nicola – Callum’s mum

Quotes from parents

“He loved having contact and activities to do. Lockdown has been lonely but the calls, especially video calls and seeing his friends have helped. Conor looks forward to the video calls and seeing his friends. He talks about them before and all week after a great success!!”

“I think your support is great. Georgia really looks forward to Monday afternoons. ”

“Keiran looked forward to hearing from you very much.Your calls were a godsend. Thank you very much for all you do.

“Rise has supported and kept excellent contact with Archie over lockdown and we have really appreciated it as Archie has been very stressed and anxious over the period. ”

“It was reassuring to be asked if we are ok as a family, as individuals and if there was anything we needed or were struggling with. So good to talk and many times during the chats it gave us ideas for the week ahead. ”

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