The concept began from a conversation between Dr. David Cooper (Founder of Trinity Hospice and Brian House Children’s Hospice in Bispham) and Carla Ronson (Sam’s Mum) after Sam sadly passed away at the age of 9 in 2007. He had become one of the real characters attending Brian House; always positive, never giving up and wanting to try every opportunity afforded to him. 

When the question was raised about “What more could we have done?” Carla explained it was so difficult to go away, even for a weekend as a complete family that it would be helpful for families like hers to have a facility where Sam could enjoy a break away with his siblings as other families can. So, a new charity was established – Sam’s Place. At that time, there were no suitable facilities for the sort of respite the trustees had in mind anywhere. Therefore, the original plan was to build a centre on the Fylde but planning restrictions and legal complications on the site being considered led to the idea being unviable. Not to be deterred, the trustees and volunteers explored various other options to find a permanent base. However, a worldwide banking crisis and the onset of austerity made it very difficult for new fundraising projects to be realised. In addition to this, many other commercial ventures had been built around the country (including the north), thus negating the reason for another on the Fylde Coast.

With renewed determination, the trustees and volunteers never gave up the hope that Sam’s memory would be preserved in a concept which would help young people and their families like his. 

It is at this point the trustees heard about RISE and WEP. The opportunities given to the young people in our locality through this very niche and specialised project fits exactly the sort of objectives Sam’s Place had hoped. 

With this in mind, our vision is to create a venue of opportunity not otherwise available to our most vulnerable young people and their families. A concept that Sam would have definitely agreed to with his remarkable zest for life and the philosophy that EVERYONE has the capacity to do their very best. 

So, a new and exciting partnership has been developed with the intention that RISE & WEP @ Sam’s Place will have its own permanent venue and thus provide many social opportunities and life skill experiences for young people in our locality with different abilities.

Sam’s Place is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1121089
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